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Ask Tripp

Ask Tripp is a resource dedicated to answering your general frequently asked questions about OCCC. Frequently asked questions are available for these departments: Academic Advising, Child Development Center and Lab School, Financial Aid, Recruitment and Admissions, Records and Graduation, Student Employment and Career Services, Student Life, Student Support Services, TRiO Student Support Services, Testing Center and some general OCCC information.

By simply typing your question or keyword into the search box and clicking Ask, Tripp will search for an answer to best match your information request. If Ask Tripp comes back with information that doesn't quite fit your question, or if you want a more in-depth answer, you can submit your question directly to Ask Tripp's support and researchers will provide you with a personal response in 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ask Tripp system does not have access to your personal student records and is unable to provide answers to questions about your personal and private student records, including financial aide information.

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